Dog Bathing and Spa Services

Canine Influenza, Bordetella (must be updated every 6 months, not yearly), Distemper/Parvo (also known as DHPP or DHLPP), and Rabies Vaccine.

Groomer giving a dog a bath

Dog Bathing and Spa Services

At Bow Wow Bungalow, your pet can expect the best dog bathing salon and spa experience in the hands of our talented staff. We promise to provide excellent service using only the best products and tools to help your pet look and feel their best. We specialize in providing an individualized, quality spa experience for dogs of all ages, breeds, and personalities.

Washing Black Dog

Dog Bathing and Spa Services

●       Deluxe and basic baths with cage-free drying

●       The latest shampoos and conditioners

●       Nail trimming and filing

●       Ear cleaning

●       Brush-outs

●       Blueberry facials

●       Paw balm

Health Benefits of Professional Bathing

Did you know that regular bathing and spa appointments provide invaluable health benefits to your furry friend?

●       Professional bathers have the techniques and tools to wash, brush out, and dry your dog safely and comfortably.

●       We check your dog’s skin, ears, and paws for anything that might indicate a health concern.

●       Professional baths and coat maintenance promote healthy fur and skin, free of uncomfortable mats and trapped hair.


We love welcoming new clients, so you do not have to be an existing client here at Bow Wow in order to take advantage of our bathing and spa services. We do, however, ask that you fulfill these simple requirements before coming in.

●       Any dog who steps their paws through our doors must be up-to-date on Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella (semi-annually), and Canine Influenza.

●       Our staff must be able to handle your dog on leash coming and going, and during their bath or spa service. If dogs have sensitive areas (like paws or nails) we can most likely accommodate them using a basket muzzle.

Dog getting a bath

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