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2711 N. California St. Burbank CA. 91504
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2711 N. California St. Burbank CA. 91504   818-565-3555
About Us

Hi! We are Max, Kobi & Oliver, we invite you to come and join us at our doghouse, Bow Wow Bungalow. We’ve been described as one part “doggie-disneyland”, one part hotel, one part spa and when we’re not sleeping peacefully we love racing around our vast private dog park and maybe swimming in the enormous bone shaped pool, complete with a cascading waterfall, several fountains, tunnels, ramps, play equipment and plenty of playful energetic staff making recreation time at Bow Wow Bungalow a canine fantasy!

Safety is Our Top Priority, rest assured you will feel confident knowing that all all of our furry friends are well-cared for in our safe and secure environment attended 24 hours a day every day.

You will have peace of mind while you’re busy at work, away for the day or traveling, that we’ll be happier and healthier, not home alone experiencing boredom, separation anxiety, or destructive behavior. We will be socializing with other dog friends and the extensively trained staff.

Get ready, your dog will pull you from the parking lot through the front door because they can’t wait to romp and play with us and all of their four-legged buddies. Every guest is like family to us, and their well-being is our top priority!

Don’t worry, if you miss your pup you can check in on them on our live webcams to see what we are up to, but be aware, they are addicting.  

Call today to book your pups evaluation appointment. Your dog will thank you and be forever grateful.